Cyber Security Awareness Training
"Teachable Moments" for Improved Security User Practices

As cyber threats continue to evolve, it is important to be cyber-aware in our personal and professional lives. With so much attention given to acquiring the newest and most sophisticated types of security technology, safeguarding employees’ actions against cyber threats is often overlooked. With one click of a malicious link, opened email, or downloaded document, your business and/or personal data and security could be put in jeopardy and into the hands of criminals. People remain the weakest link in the security chain and for this reason are targets for malicious cyber attacks, resulting in financial loss, data breach of personal and sensitive information, corporate espionage, brand and reputation damage.

Cyber security needs to be a mindset and embedded across an organization.  A security aware culture is a continuous process and journey. Educating employees with awareness learning empowers employees with the tools they need to make better security decisions, at work and at home. The more employees you have committed security vigilance, the stronger your firewall.

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