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2B Cyber Bright - Security Awareness Training

Launching early 2019 2B Cyber Bright Online Security Awareness Training 

“Personal Information is like money, value it and protect it by being Cyber Bright”

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You are a target, we’re all targets. Many people think cyber criminals would never target them, and that their computer or information has no value. In reality, individuals like yourself are a cyber criminal’s primary target and are under attack every day at home at work and on the go. 

Launching early 2019, 2B Cyber Bright will offer online eTraining solutions to help you defend against the likelihood of cybercrime to protect yourself, your family and business against failing victim. 

2B Cyber Bright online defensive training modules provides subscribers with an up-to-date interactive understanding of the basic types of cyber and identity theft attacks used in social engineering schemes so they are able to recognize, detect and prevent an attack. The training is presented in such a way that individuals can relate to the characters who will teach and inspire using current threat scenarios, the risks and protective measures required to defend themselves in workplace, home, and school environment. 

The micro-eLearning educational video modules will provide businesses and individuals with a first-hand learning experience on what it is like to be a victim of an attack. 2B Cyber Bright will also offer Professional Services such as: 

  • Cyber and Social Media Investigations
  • Business Phishing Exercises
  • Cyber Policy and Procedure Development
  • Business Cyber Security Awareness Campaign Development  

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Lots of talented people work hard to bring the stories and the characters alive to 2B Cyber Bright training modules. Take a quick glimpse at the crew and hard at work and be sure to register now for early-bird launch promotions. 

Spoiler alert: As cybercrime continually evolves; the scams will continue and so will the training. 2B Cyber Bright will be there every step of the way to educate you, your family and your business.

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